Open eLMS Chat

openelms chat gtp
Custom Chat GTP for your company

Chat GTP4 ... but for your company

At Open eLMS we are excited to tell you about our new chat engine, Open eLMS Chat! It’s completely customizable to fit your company’s unique data and needs.

And the best part? Our bespoke admin interface makes it super easy to personalize your chatbot without any coding skills required!

Just think of all the possibilities. Your employees and customers can have real-time conversations with your brand, getting instant answers to their questions and boosting engagement.

So whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Open eLMS Chat has got you covered. Let’s get started and create a chatbot that truly represents your brand!


Learner Experience

  • Chat GTP style interface
  • Embed the engine anywhere – custom facing or internal.
  • Separate data repositories available for sensitive data.


  • Customisable back end
  • Train the engine on previous responses to allow for continuous improvement
  • Interface for importing existing company data from spreadsheets.