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At Open eLMS AI, we’re dedicated to reshaping eLearning creation. Our user-friendly software, fueled by advanced AI, revolutionizes the way you craft high-quality eLearning.

From a simple document or a line of text, our system does more than just provide content; it’s a professional eLearning designer. Expect voiceovers, animations, images, and even video presenters in virtual learning worlds. Discover a future where eLearning creation is effortless, engaging, and exceptionally easy.


Open eLMS AI

AI Magic:

Let AI do the heavy lifting, creating eLearning content and design in a snap.

Voiceovers & Animations:

Professionally narrated voiceovers and captivating animations for immersive learning.

Virtual Learning Worlds:

Create unique, interactive environments tailored to your content.

Seamless Integration:

Embed quizzes, assessments, and interactive elements with ease.

Easy Preview & Edit:

Tweak your eLearning in real-time preview mode before finalizing.


Effortless Content Upload

Immersive Virtual Learning Environments

AI-Enhanced Course Design

“A masterpiece!”

Idris Fabiyi - Estio Training

Professional Voiceovers and Animations

Interactive Assessments for Enhanced Learning

Quiz Builder

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Open eLMS AI brings a new era of eLearning creation. Make professional eLearning without the fuss.



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