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At Open eLMS, our AI-powered LMS is redefining the landscape of learning management by creating personalised learning experiences. Designed to foster a learning environment that unites users and content seamlessly, this innovative system adapts and evolves to meet diverse learning needs, making it a frontline choice in learning united solutions.

eLMS Features

Open eLMS stands out with its full LMS suite, integrating all essential LMS features to streamline learning and development.

AI Power​

We harness AI power to revolutionise the learning experience. We use AI to create eLearning, learning pathways and recommendations to the learner.

No other LMS does this!


Open eLMS transforms the way you manage learning with its Forms feature, streamlining access management and supporting custom eLearning development. As part of our AI-powered LMS, these Forms ensure seamless integration, enhancing both management efficiency and user experience.

Easy to Use and Learn

At Open eLMS, we understand the importance of a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for learners to learn. Our AI-powered Learning Network is designed to ensure that learners have a seamless educational experience with accessible tools and intuitive navigation, enhancing their ability to learn effectively and efficiently through robust forms of learning.


At Open eLMS, we redefine instructor-led training in our “Classrooms” by blending it seamlessly with advanced AI features. We foster a united learning environment that promotes collaboration and skill development across diverse platforms. This service enriches learners’ experiences, ensuring that every session is impactful, engaging, and tailored to meet evolving educational needs.


At Open eLMS, we are proud to support a diverse and dynamic community of clients ranging from local and national government bodies and multinational companies in the UK and North America across numerous business sectors. Each client in our learning network benefits from advanced features, including AI-powered customisation and user-friendly interfaces, tailored to meet the specific needs of educational and professional development environments.

Open eLMS is also increasingly being taken up by SMEs due to its no cost entry and easy to use interface that requires no training.

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We’re committed to advancing your understanding of the latest in eLMS and training. Whether you’re exploring AI-powered LMS innovations or seeking unique features like easy-to-use forms and AI functionality, our platform enriches your learning experience. Harness the power of effective learning today!

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