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At Open eLMS Creator, we’re passionate about revolutionizing eLearning creation.

Our user-friendly software blends cutting-edge AI technology with your content to effortlessly craft professional-grade eLearning.

Whether you’re starting from an uploaded document or a single line of text, our platform empowers you to build immersive learning experiences.

Unlock the potential of video presenters in virtual learning worlds, bringing your training to life like never before.

Join countless organizations already benefiting from Open eLMS Creator’s unparalleled ease of use and AI-driven automation.


Open eLMS Creator for elearning

AI Magic:

Let AI do the heavy lifting, transforming your content into engaging eLearning in seconds.

User-Friendly Interface:

A drag-and-drop, easy-to-navigate system that requires no technical expertise.

Customizable Learning Worlds:

Create unique virtual environments tailored to your content.

Interactive Assessments:

Embed quizzes and evaluations seamlessly for enhanced engagement.

Edit Anytime:

Ensure your eLearning stays up to date with post-creation tweaks at your convenience.


Effortless Content Upload

Immersive Virtual Learning Environments

AI-Enhanced Course Building

“A masterpiece!”

Idris Fabiyi - Estio Training

Engaging Video Presenters

Interactive Assessments for Enhanced Learning

Quiz Builder

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