Text to eLearning: Will AI Take Over eLearning Production?

AI creating eLearning

Throughout all areas of media production (including eLearning), we can’t help but notice the emerging dominance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Within learning development, It’s reshaping the way in which businesses approach training, providing highly personalised learning experiences tailored to the specific training needs of the learner. But the question remains: will AI completely take over […]

The Future of Business Training: AI for Training and Development

Using AI in the training classroom

AI is significantly impacting the future of business training by facilitating the creation of interactive and personalised programmes. With machine learning, AI adapts to individual learners while natural language processing improves learner-AI interaction through the use of learning chatbots. AI is also enhancing content creation, accelerating upskilling by creating learning topical materials in minutes.. Furthermore, […]

Incorporating AI in Learning Management Systems for Business Growth

AI Learning in Office

Integrating intelligent technologies into educational platforms enhances business development. AI allows for personalisation, smartly curates relevant and engaging content, and improves efficiency in training delivery. Furthermore, it offers real-time support, personal feedback, and adaptive assessments to improve learning experiences. By improving learning performance, AI-driven analytics can drive business growth. AI holds significant promise for LMS, […]

How to Use AI in eLearning: Enhancing Business Training Strategies

AI Learning strategies

In the rapidly evolving landscape of online education, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a pivotal force, revolutionising the eLearning experience. Through its ability to adapt content to meet diverse student needs and preferences, this transformative technology has created unprecedented opportunities for personalised learning. By harnessing AI, educators and institutions can craft dynamic and engaging […]

How to turn knowledge into learning using AI

Ulster University AI conference Learning

Introduction This blog is a transcript from a talk for an Ulster University Conference on Artificial Intelligence on a paper entitled ‘How to turn knowledge into learning using AI.’ In addition to the text below video of the event is also available, click on the link to play the video or read the transcript below.  […]