Open eLMS

Open eLMS has been helping organisations to improve the knowledge and skills of their learners both in the corporate and education sectors since 2003.

Open eLMS adopts a user centred design which makes it possible to deliver a powerful AND easy to use learning solution. We challenge you to find a more comprehensive and user-friendly approach to learning!

Open eLMS works with hundreds of the companies from some of the world’s largest and some smaller ones too to provide the perfect learning solutions for them.

Why choose Open eLMS?

Any decision to adopt Open eLMS is usually attributable to two factors:


Open eLMS includes:

  • Learning Management
  • Performance Management
  • ePortfolios
  • Library of Learning
  • Online Authoring Software
  • Bespoke Development
  • Video Conferencing Learning

See the tour for a full examination of all Open eLMS features.

Ease of use

Open eLMS is the ultimate in ease of use characterised by:

  • Learner interfaces are easy to use like video on demand services (e.g. Netflix)
  • Management interfaces are role specific (no need for training – just follow prompts)
  • elearning creation is more sophisticated than Storyline and Captivate but easier to use than PowerPoint
Open eLMS LMS from eLearning WMB

Innovating since 2003

Although the management team have been together since 1993, eLearning WMB was formed in 2003. Since then, a lot has changed…


openelms timeline

2003: Open eLMS (originally called eLearning WMB) is founded

2003: Open eLMS Learning Management System V1 is launched

2005: Open eLMS Creator (formerly Jackdaw) authoring tool is launched

2009: Open eLMS for Business is launched

2014: Maidenhead HQ opens as company grows

2016: Open eLMS for Apprenticeships (formerly Apprentix) is launched to cater for apprenticeship delivery

2019: All products fall underneath the Open eLMS brand.

2020: Open eLMS for Schools, Colleges and University is created

2020: Open eLMS Classroom Launched

2022: Open eLMS Forms added

Company Metrics

Open eLMS is ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 certified.  As part of this process Open eLMS monitors its relevant KPIs and reports on them on the company website. These metrics are updated live.

Case Studies and References

Contact Open eLMS for a complete collection of case studies and references.  An example client case study can be found on the site for Estio Training.

Further Information


We recommend the following podcast made by BML Digital on business transformation. This demonstrates the passion we put into the design of Open eLMS.  Click here to listen to the podcast!

Software Review

Don’t rely solely on our word. See this recent review of Open eLMS from industry gurus – Learning Light.

Ethical Business

At Open eLMS we aim to make a difference to the world in which we live. Our core values of honesty, fairness and inclusion are inherent in what we supply and how we treat people. Our code of conduct puts these words into action. This includes:

  • Creation of free learning resources to help society (e.g. free Coronavirus Awareness, Black Lives Matter etc. elearning)
  • We pay suppliers on receipt of invoice – we understand that waiting terms can kill small firms
  • 20% of all profits are shared by employees – one of the reasons why our staff generally are long standing
  • Sponsorship of local sports teams, encouraging young people to adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Encourage a diverse and inclusive atmosphere at work. Processes are in place to measure and foster diversity.
  • Open eLMS are committed to combating climate change, with 1% of all online sales going towards CO2 extraction.

See our code of ethics for further information.

Want to find out more?

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