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Introducing Open eLMS for Apprentices, the ultimate Learning Management System that simplifies apprenticeship learning while offering the most extensive set of features. We believe in making learning both easy and comprehensive, ensuring your apprentices thrive.
With AI-driven eLearning content creation tailored to apprenticeship programs, portable ePortfolios, and the ability for learners to upload and share experiences, our system is a game-changer.
Choose from 300+ configuration options, harness custom reporting, and integrate Power BI for data-driven insights. We’re here to support your apprenticeship journey, making it accessible, enjoyable, and impactful.



AI-Powered Apprenticeship eLearning:

AI simplifies content creation and customization for apprenticeship programs.

Portable ePortfolios:

Carry your apprenticeship journey with you and showcase your growth.

Seamless Learning Experience:

Effortlessly upload and share experiences with peers.

Configuration Galore:

Over 300 customization options for a tailored learning journey.

Data-Driven Decision-Making:

Use custom reporting and Power BI integration to track and optimize progress.


AI-Enhanced Apprenticeship Learning

Portable ePortfolios for Apprentices

Collaborative Apprenticeship Experiences

“A masterpiece!”

Idris Fabiyi - Estio Training

Included eLearning

Extensive Configuration Options

Advanced Reporting and Power BI Integration

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