Microlearning and Beyond: H5P for eLearning

H5P microlearning embedded in the LMS

You might remember a great deal of excitement in 2014 when HTML5 (different from H5P) was first released – it brought with it the promise of cleaner, faster, more interactive web-based experiences.

H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package – it’s a free, open source standard, and compatible with responsive designs. HTML5 brings animations and multimedia to webpages without the need for plugins such as Flash or Java, which eliminates any technical difficulties that are related to them or their absence).

As L&D professionals, H5P offers many benefits for the interactivity and interoperability of learning resources, especially for those seeking to use microlearning as part of their wider programmes.

H5P can enhance your elearning by offering easily deliverable, interactive objects which can be part of a larger elearning course, or as standalone objects – including quizzes, interactive videos, drag and drop puzzles and even fully fledged courses via the use of iFrames.

Of course – H5P resources can also be used within an existing LMS or CMS system, meaning you are able to design resources which are beyond the tools traditionally provided by authoring software.

Learner’s progress can still be tracked, and if using a solution such as the Open eLMS suite, you can group resources together so that whether they are completed as one large chunk or multiple “micro” sessions, you still have all the data you need!