World of Learning Exhibition


Many thanks to everyone who came and saw us at the WOLCE show in Birmingham UK today.  It’s great to get such a positive response from the industry. A common theme was “you’re so far ahead of the competition”.  The comprehensiveness of what we do – a Learning Management System with integrated forms, courses and […]

Gravity Assisted Wind Turbine

wind turbines in bank of gravity batteries

eLearning WMB are carbon reducers, with a net carbon reduction of 500 times more than the company emits. The management team wants to do more where possible and as such contributed a day last year to brainstorm carbon reduction ideas. The following idea – a wind turbine which works 24/7 with no wind – is […]

Open eLMS: SourceForge LMS Category Leader

Open eLMS Top Performer LMS Source Forge

Open eLMS has been recognised as the Learning Management System category leader, based on consistently high user reviews by this market leading user review site. Similar acclaim is also experienced from Capterra with a 4.7 out of 5 rating. The reasons for Open eLMS positive reviews are many, but these fall into two main categories […]

New Version of Open eLMS Announced – Aphrodite

Aphrodite LMS version of Open eLMS

The new version of Open eLMS is out – code name Aphrodite. We could say something cheesy like “Aphrodite was the goddess of Love and you will love this LMS”, but there is no need. As usual we will let Open eLMS speak for itself. The quarterly improvements are too numerous to list in this […]

eForms, eSignatures and the LMS

eForms within the LMS

The International Data Corporation (IDC) – the premier global provider of market intelligence – forecasts that spending on e-signature technology will grow annually by at least 20% over the next five years. e-signature solutions and form creation provide dramatic cost-effective productivity improvements, for instance one global bank has reduced the average time for circulating and […]

Estio training: A case study of the perfect blended solution

Estio case study

We invite you to have a look at this video made by Estio, which demonstrates how any instructor can use the system to provide an totally blended smart classroom solution, whether the session is face to face, remote or a mixture of the two. Estio Training are a large training provider based in Leeds with […]

15 technologies which add value to learner management

The future of the LMS

Open eLMS has been providing cutting edge learning management solutions across education and industry. It has taken the best ideas from each field and brought them together into a learning management solution: Open eLMS. Drawing from these experiences it has compiled 15 technologies and approaches which have been shown to add real value to ensure […]

Badgr Integration expands Open eLMS Gamification Functionality

Badges in the Open eLMS LMS

Gamification within elearning has been described as an important way to tap into your learners natural desire for socialising, competition, achievement and status. Advocates say gamification rewards players for engaging with learning resources, and can boost their performance whilst offering tangible value for both individuals and businesses. There are some who remain cautious about the […]

Workshop – Blended Learning: It’s time to face the facts

Blended learning

After the global impact of the pandemic on education, the perception and adoption of digital learning and resources has changed – it’s viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury. The question is no longer “should” blended learning be used – it’s “how.” This workshop covers blended learning, how it is being used currently, and […]

Can apprenticeship standards recover post Covid?

Apprenticeship standards

Apprenticeship standard achievement rate fails to maintain growth over 2020. According to an article posted recently in FEWeek, the achievement rate for standards based apprenticeships failed to reach 60% this year, representing a slight decrease when compared to the year before. Despite the difficulties of the last year, the achievement rate still grew by 11% […]