Benefits of creating your own AI engine

Why do I need a custom AI?

Open eLMS Chat is a powerful chatbot platform designed to transform your company’s communication dynamics. Powered by a state-of-the-art chat engine, the Open eLMS Chat mirrors the capabilities of Chat GPT4 but is tailored uniquely for your business.

The heart of Open eLMS Chat lies in its bespoke admin interface, an elegantly designed system that blends simplicity with powerful features. Not only is it user-friendly, but it also requires no coding skills to customize your chatbot to your brand’s personality, information needs, and preferred interaction styles.

Implement your own chatbot

This advanced solution allows you to create custom GPT chatbots, trained exclusively on your company’s data, guaranteeing the most personalized responses for your employees and customers. The chatbots can be embedded anywhere within your digital ecosystem, either as a customer-facing tool or an internal communication facilitator.

Security is guaranteed

The platform provides the option of a Dedicated Server, enhancing privacy and security by hosting your sensitive data in separate repositories. This feature ensures your data stays protected while your chatbot learns and improves from past interactions.

Create custom e-learning using your AI

When paired with, the synergy is game-changing. Open eLMS AI simplifies and elevates eLearning course creation, turning user-specified topics or existing materials into engaging, interactive eLearning experiences. Meanwhile, Open eLMS Chat serves as a dynamic knowledge hub, allowing organizations to upload, centralize, and manage their knowledge base on dedicated servers. This duo revolutionizes eLearning and communication experiences in organizations, regardless of their size or industry.

From small businesses to large enterprises, the Open eLMS Chat is a perfect fit for everyone. Let’s embark on this journey to create a chatbot that is truly a reflection of your brand and meets your unique needs!

Key Features

Data-Specific Chatbots: Train chatbots on your unique company data, ensuring they provide the most personalized and relevant responses.

File Upload Flexibility: Have a wealth of resources at your disposal. Open eLMS Chat supports the upload of various file types, including MP4s, PDFs, PowerPoints, and more. This makes it easy to share resources and information with your chatbot.

Ecosystem Integration: Seamlessly embed Chat eLMS into your existing digital ecosystem, providing real-time, interactive communication internally or with your customers.

User-Friendly Interface: Our platform is designed to be easily navigable, making it user-friendly even for those without coding skills. Customizing your chatbot becomes an intuitive and effortless process.

Optional Dedicated Server: For enhanced privacy and security, opt for a Dedicated Server to host your sensitive data. This ensures your data remains protected while your chatbot continuously learns and improves.

Open eLMS AI Integration: Combine Chat eLMS with to create an unparalleled eLearning experience. Use for intuitive course creation and Open eLMS Chat to centralize and manage your knowledge base.

With Open eLMS Chat, you’re not just getting a chatbot; you’re investing in a comprehensive communication solution that represents your brand and meets your organization’s unique needs