Open eLMS is a very comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS). It does much more than you’d expect from an LMS.
We do this with our 6 key products:

Open eLMS is a Learning Management System (LMS), and so much more: LMS, LXP, MIS, VLE, Performance Management, CMS – Open eLMS does it all.

Open eLMS Classroom is a Smart Classrooms plugin service for Open eLMS, which allows you to move away from traditional face to face teaching and run live, synchronous training through the Learning Management System using Zoom, Teams etc.

If you are looking for an elearning course that is built to meet your needs from the outset, you are well placed to achieve success with a bespoke course produced by eLearning WMB.

Open eLMS Catalogue contains elearning modules are built to be engaging and interactive, with video presenters they look like video documentaries but work like elearning. This unique methodology produces elearning which is uniquely engaging with a 99% approval rate in independent studies.

The Open eLMS Creator rapid e-learning authoring system is a collaborative project, and the result of nearly 15 years of work – current users of the software include the Learning and Development departments of many global corporations as well as individual elearning consultants.

Open eLMS Forms is a highly flexible form builder powered by form building specialists – Credas. This system allows users to use existing forms to capture data directly into the Open eLMS Learning Management System. For instance, with Open eLMS, any sign-up process can be completed entirely remotely.