How does the development process work?

We’ve been building elearning for over 30 years. We have perfected our XLD (Extreme Learning Development) process. We outline here how this works …

Project Initiation

We start every project with the Project Initiation Document. This document states what we will deliver and how we will deliver it.  We sign up to the highest quality standards.  This guarantees that we will meet your expectations. 

Contact us to receive the Project Initiation Document.


We first create a “look and feel” prototype of the elearning.  You will then sign off on screenshots etc.

Contact us for an example Branding guidelines report.


We write scripts in a shared online document.  You will be notified as soon as any changes are made. You can comment on these scripts during their construction.

We have shared this Asbestos Awareness Script as an example.  This is the resultant Asbestos Awareness Course.

Contact us to start scripting process.


We have a pricing model that is fixed once the script is complete.  This price includes everything – from the editing software to presenter fees.

If you have a fixed budget, then we are able to adjust the design to meet this.


We have spent 20 years building templates and media libraries .  We also use rapid production techniques such as filming and photography.  

We deliver can deliver elearning quicker than your current suppliers and at lower prices.  We will take between 2-4 weeks to create a standard elearning course.

If you require hosting, a branded elearning portal will be created for you as part of the delivery.

Contact us for a delivery timescales.


All eLearning WMB courses are supplied with Open eLMS Creator free of charge.  You can edit any of the courses we supply, including text, videos and images once delivered. 

Update your elearning to reflect changes within your business, industry or geography.  This will significantly increase the lifespan and ROI on your investment.

Contact us for details about Open eLMS Creator. 


Want to find out more? Then contact us to start developing your Bespoke course.