What are ‘short courses’?

Short courses are elearning modules which have been built to fulfil a specific client need. These courses are generally less popular than the elearning which makes up the Open eLMS Catalogue and as such have not been submitted to CPD Accreditation.

The learning will tend to be briefer than standard Open eLMS Catalogue courses (20 mins v’s 45 mins) since the subject matter deals with a more specific need.

The elearning is still of a professional standard and 100% editable using Open eLMS Creator. The learning will not have a presenter voiceover or green screen presenter, but will instead rely on AI for the voiceover.

What content does these ‘short courses’ cover

The complete list of short courses can be obtained from Open eLMS – contact Open eLMS as the list is in constant development.

Example Courses

See the courses below for an example of the short courses currently available: