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how to remove automated emails



Automated emails can be created to regularly send out emails to a target audience. These emails can be stopped at any time.


Follow these instructions to remove automated alerts …

Go to Review and select Saved Reports/Emails.

Press the Actions button and select Disable from the menu.

The email will be removed and no longer be sent.

Edit the email alert to change the message or the frequency at which the alert is sent out.

For further details see .

helpdesk > emails > troubleshooting > managers emails > Troubleshoot: Stopping emails being sent from learners to managers



How to determine how to stop emails are being sent to line managers?



Managers are receiving emails from the system in relation to signing off evidence/work from learners.


You might not want every ‘manager’ role to have the option to sign off work – to stop emails being sent to a manager once a learner signs off evidence:

Go to System Setup – Organisation – Roles

Select the Actions button on role you want to adjust – then click Page Access/Edit

Click on the edit button

Scroll down to E-mail Options and ensure the Disable email option is ticked

This will then ensure that no emails in relation to learner actions will be sent to a user who has this role.

See for further details.

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