Contacting Support


Standard support is UK based and available from 0800 to 1800 GMT from Monday to Friday via telephone, email and internet chat. During this time any issues are aimed to be dealt with within 4 hours. Should this not be possible then issues are escalated to the programming team and prioritised accordingly:
Severity Example Response time Resolution target
Critical Critical Impact/System Down. Open eLMS in its entirety is non-functioning. 1 working hour 2 working hours
Major Significant Impact. A number of key components are not working which seriously impacts use of the service. 1 working hour 4 working hours
Minor An individual feature of Open eLMS is not working, Work arounds are not possible. 2 working hours 2 working days
Trivial A problem with Open eLMS for which a work around is possible. 1 working day 4 working weeks
Feature Change A nice to have addition to Open eLMS, priority agreed with the design team. 5 working days 1-30 working weeks
Should you require 24/7 support services this can be provided for an additional fee.

Issue Tracking

Access to the company’s support tracking system is available to clients only via login.

SLA Monitoring

Monitor the uptime of Open eLMS hosting service at any time.

Reporting Issues

Should you need to report issues we strongly recommend you create a video capture of this experience. You can do this for free by using the Screencast O Matic screen recorder here or by making screenshots of the issue using your computer’s Snipping tool or similar. Remember to capture the whole screen including the address bar, also if possible press the F12 key and console link as this will give us further information. Please log any support issue directly with our support team using our incident management system – this insures we receive the query immediately. You may also email contact us using the details below and we will attempt to route your query to the correct member of our team. Ticketing: Raise a request and get feedback Email: (create a brand new email to raise an issue) Telephone (Main switchboard): +44 (0)203 929 2051 Live Customer Support Channel:

End User Licence Agreement

A sample End User Licence Agreement (EULA) is available for preview here – always check with your account manager for the latest version.