Free elearning … what’s the catch? …. basically there is none.

There are some topics that we feel have a social and moral value and we feel it is our duty to donate free elearning from time to time for the greater good. Of course we hope that once you install our courses you will come back to use any of our 200 plus courses. Here are some examples of the learning available to download today – simply register for details and we will send you to links to download or embed the free e-learning etc.

elearning free to download or use directly from our site…

Do check from time to time, as the free elearning courses available will change. For a full list of available courses see the Open eLMS Catalogue.

Open eLMS Creator

Should you wish to edit any of these courses or even create your own you can do this in your browser (no downloads necessary.). See Open eLMS Creator for further details.