Aphrodite Release (September 2021)

The following updates have been made in the period from 19 February 2021 – 31 August 2021 – the changes added below are included in the Aphrodite release.

This page will be regularly updated to display the features in each release. It is important if you are a client to review these regularly, particularly configuration options which you may need to turn on. We release updates in this way – wherever possible – so clients can control changes where it may interfere with the user’s interface and forewarn appropriately.

Aphrodite Open eLMS Version

Open eLMS


Accessibility audit recommendations implementedImproved integration with Outlook calendarIntegrated form builder (Credas)Mobile adaptability changes applied – completely new redesign of the mobile experience.Multi-factor authentication (MFA) on Google and Microsoft Authenticator. Now selectable for certain roles.Open Badges format Badgr added to systemOpen eLMS APIs extended to assign learners to courses and groups


Allows remote registration of users in third party websites via an iframeCertificates added to lessonsConfirmation emails/warning message when learner uploads files/completes learningInterface changes to learner progress dashboardLearner navigation via browser buttons improvedOnboarding apprenticeship system addedOpening learner screen (calendar, learning or tasks) now configurableOption to hide learning resources that are embedded in lessons to reduce information overloadTeams and Zoom now added for contacting colleaguesURLs now added to learner uploads


Add bulletin board to eventsAdd status option to learning programmesDefine events as visible on either learner/manager’s schedule or both (default option)Groups can now be assigned to managers/tutorsJamboard integrationMake learning resources instructor lead in scheduled eventsYammer integration

Curriculum Developer

Curriculum Developers can schedule events for multiple trainers/tutors etc.GO1 integration allows for searching of entire library from within Open eLMSH5P integrationMultiple versions of learning resources can be created and duplicated


Competencies linked to jobs to display desired attainment levels to learnerEnhanced MS Power BI dataset exportLearning records editable to amend import errorsNew branding configuration optionsPassword configuration options added (expiry, format, number of attempts etc.)Query builder added to learning resources, events, groups etc. to add/remove personnel depending upon characteristics (competencies, location etc.)Reporting fields added with programme/curriculum criteria and sub-criteria addedSoft delete implemented for events – this guards against data input errors.The number of bulk tasks increased via admin interfaceUpdated ILR (UK Apprenticeship Data Standard)User approval process after registration with email alerts on approval.

New Configuration Options Open eLMS

Open eLMS has now over 150 configuration options, these can be found by logging in as an administrator and going to Admin > Site Setup > Defaults > Configuration. Use the information below to make sure your settings are configured to utilise these latest features.

Hide resources in Learner interface if they are in Lesson

Allow Registration the “/register” extension to be used on remote sites.

Customise the button launch text in Learners interface. Empty value displays the default “Launch resource” on the button.

This shows the overall progress gauge for learners in a the header of the learner`s interface.

This hides the functionality to allow learners to match their submitted work to parts of the curriculum.

Show gradient overlay on the promo image in the learner’s interface.

Embeds H5P into Open eLMS for the use of the creation of microlearning objects.

If empty, will use default.

Changing this replaces ‘eLearning WMB Learning Management System’

Setting this value changes the default learner’s help video to one of your choice.

Setting this value to true, will enable learners to communicate with each other via Skype etc. from within the Open eLMS learner interface.

Will allow importing of Maytas export files, set this to False if not using this software.

Show “contact your colleagues“ section in the Learner interface when the [Launch Conversation] button is clicked.

Categories only show learning resources for each programme separately e.g. if a Business and Marketing course both have an ‘Administration’ category, then this appears as two Administration categories for each programme on the category opening page.

If empty, will use default.

Setting this value to False will show all tasks (including those with no expected deadline or appointment associated with it that does not appear on the users or managers calendars.)

Setting this value to true will sort these tasks by the latest task first, if false then the earliest task will be the first listed (i.e. the one that the user is most behind with.)

If a task type is entered then the list is filtered by this task when it is first loaded.

This sets up API connection with the Google Jamboard smartboard service.

Enable Multi Factor Authentication for all role types, if you want to disable this feature for particular roles, then edit the role and select to “Disable MFA for this role”

Show only categories that are linked with resources assigned to Learner, learner interface. Upload/Evidence/Blog entry, etc…

Setting this value to true allows the user to be defined by additional customisable statuses. This allows more granularity to the standard Not Started, In Progress and Completed statuses – this does not replace these core statuses though.

If this is set to true, then any user who self-register on the system will need to be approved before using the system.

Entering a number here will set a number of days after which a password will need to be refreshed. The user will get warned of this on logon.

Entering a number here will limit the number of access attempts allowed.

Open eLMS Creator

  • Images, videos etc now have their aspect ratio (proportional dimensions) maintained when resizing.
  • Alt text added to images to aid accessibility
    Loading process redesigned for smoother loading
  • Option to keep course open after submitting an assessment
  • Animations can be uploaded
  • Screens can be made to remain on screen for a set time, prior to progression
  • Mute button in edit mode does not hide the video presenter
  • Customisable button sets for Open eLMS Creator

Open eLMS Catalogue

  • 35 (various) courses in 5 languages
  • Adult and child obesity
  • Armed forces covenant
  • Customer Service Techniques
  • Climate change
  • FGM and honour based violence
  • Life story work


The following list of features has been planned for the next quarter to mid December 2021. The impetus behind these changes is to add better integration of the system with the best third party systems especially focussed on the Open eLMS Classroom technology…

  • Add customisable learning resource types
  • Add radio and checkbox buttons to the Open eLMS Creator toolbox
  • Allow for student enrolment on events
  • Embedding AI video presenters in Open eLMS Creator
  • Embedding AI video presenters in Open eLMS Creator
  • Enhance discussion boards
  • Enhance access restrictions (check for IP in a range etc.)
  • Enhance calendar integration with Google and Outlook
  • Enhance RSS feeds
  • Get Teams video recordings automatically from One Drive
  • Integrate further options into Open eLMS Classroom
  • Open eLMS App
  • Visually display Learning Pathways

User Groups

We are inviting clients to create user groups where you can communicate with other clients and explore and share your ideas with us, If you are interested please contact your account manager or support@openelms.com for further details.

Previous versions...

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