Artemis Release

The following updates have been made in the period from 31 August 2021 – July 2022 – the changes added below are included in the Artemis release following an extensive testing process.

This page will be regularly updated to display the features in each release. It is important if you are a client to review these regularly, particularly configuration options which you may need to turn on. We release updates in this way – wherever possible – so clients can control changes where it may interfere with the user’s interface and forewarn appropriately.

Artemis version of open eLMS

Open eLMS


  • Add configuration option to add/remove learner uploads from the system.
  • Add formatting of bullet points which now carries through to emails.
  • All elements of certificates are now configurable – this is editable in the configuration settings (keys: LMSTitle, CertificateMessageTop, CertificateMessageBottom1 and CertificateMessageBottom1).
  • Calendar time windows customisable (e.g. 7am to 10om)
  • Civica payments engine added to default payment engine available.
  • Events such as lessons and meetings can now be made enrollable, so times can be published and students can select to enrol on them.
  • Implemented changes in response to accessibility audit.
  • Imports event data from legacy systems.
  • Imports venues into system.
  • Learners can select which modules they wish to undertake in a learning programme and programme calculations and available learning resources are adjusted accordingly.
  • Management reports saved to be run periodically are sent out the report creator via an email when due.
  • New modern look and feel added to interface. This includes labelled icons at the top of the screen.
  • Open eLMS App (new version)
  • Open eLMS can track qualifications, including course credits.
  • Option added to add all events to Outlook by default – i.e. no need to make the selection manually (the configuration key ‘addAllEventstoOutlook’ needs to be changed).
  • Qualifications can be added to the system.
  • Query builder added to events to make events visible under certain circumstances.
  • Ratings now added to events.
  • Receipts are emailed if learning is purchased from the system.
  • Reminder emails are not sent out post event – regardless of settings.
  • Reminder emails and timings are now different for in person and virtual events.
  • Reports now include refresher training filter.
  • Review and normalisation of all buttons.
  • Skills matrix added to reporting. This shows includes the outstanding job competencies needed for each person’s job.
  • Updates to ILR importing (Apprenticeships only).
  • Version labelling added to menu for tracking purposes.


  • AI (machine learning) recommends suggestions for the learner.
  • Administrators can switch on QA comments on the Learner Progress view.
  • Autoscroll displays the results after searching.
  • Competencies accordian control is removed from the learner’s Progress screen if no competencies have been awarded.
  • Configuration options added to display learner filters as on/off on their first load (isLearningOutsideProgrammeVisibleonFirstLogin, isCompletedLearningVisibleonFirstLogin, isInProgressLearningVisibleonFirstLogin, isNotStartedLearningVisibleonFirstLogin, isLockedLearningVisibleonFirstLogin, isEnrollableLearningVisibleonFirstLogin, isRefresherLearningVisibleonFirstLogin, isMandatoryLearningVisibleonFirstLogin, isFavouriteLearningVisibleonFirstLogin and isProgrammeFilterVisibleonFirstLogin).
  • Dashboards are now available for learners to view.
  • Dates are now visible for events and lessons in the learner’s view in the e-portfolio details.
  • Date picker has been added to the learner’s calendar.
  • Details section now shows where each learning resource has been mapped to a standard.
  • Events (webinars, meetings, classroom lessons) are now searchable for learners and displayed in the main learner interface.
  • Hamburger menu and other screen optimisations added for mobile menu .
  • If a learning resource is added to a mandatory category, then all learners will get an email alerting them to this. Alter the key: allowMandatoryTrainingEmailAlert in configuration settings to enable this.
  • Learners automatically retrieve any video recordings of lessons which are then added to each learner’s eportfolio.
  • Learners can now arrange meetings with their line managers from inside the calendar.
  • Learners can now cancel enrollments on events, rather than requesting managers to do this for them.
  • Learners can now see learners on their course but administrators can limit access to prevent colleagues contacting each other through the system. See configuration keys: ‘isPeertoPeerVideo’ and ‘enableContactYourColleagues’.
  • Learners can now sort the order of thumbnails on their interface alphabetically and by date.
  • Learnes can add special requirememts when booking on an event.
  • Learners can now upload M4a video file types.
  • Learners cannot edit uploads once they are submitted for management consideration.
  • Scrolling of third party elearning is now enabled
  • The default opening screen (Calendar, Tasks or Learning) can be set by the administrator.
  • The learner gets a periodic email with details of all overdue learning – now including learning resources assigned directly to the learner (i.e. not through a learning programme.) This is set using the ‘Allowemailalertassignedlearningoverdue’ key in configuration settings.


  • Add role option to allow roles other than Administrator to use Open eLMS Creator
  • Approval can be applied to events so learners need approval from their line manager before an event can be enrolled on.
  • Date and location are now visible on the ‘View Learning Resource’ records when a manager drills down into a learner’s record.
  • Evidence of learning can be imported in bulk from a template.
  • Increased quality assurance reporting options. Can report on performance by Learning Resource and by Programme Criteria.
  • Learning programmes can now be paused and due times are adjusted accordingly.
  • Learning resource versions are now visible to each manager when drilling down into a learner’s record.
  • Manager allowed to add a summary of feedback for the Quality Assurer so they can make further amendments.
  • Manager task list now has the list of other managers added so can see who else is delivering courses.
  • Managers can delete uploads/evidence from their interface.
  • Managers can now favourite (or nudge) learning resources to learners when drilling down into their portfolio.
  • Managers can now see historical skill scan data as a graph and in table form against each learner’s record.
  • Managers can track attendance to events via a register on an imported spreadsheet.
  • Printing/export is now available to managers once they drill down into a learner’s record.
  • Programme and Time Spent are added to each learning resource when drilling down into learner’s details.
  • Teams and Zoom resources are automatically marked as completed once the related event is also completed.
  • The Learning Programme’s ‘Notes’ field is now available for reporting on.
  • The Learning Programme’s notes field is now added to the available report fields.
  • The maximum venue capacity can be defined linked to each venue.

Curriculum Developer

  • Add role option to allow roles other than Administrator to use Open eLMS Creator
  • Certificates can be branded separately from the main organisation branding.
  • Create a fourth level in learning programmes, ie programmes can have four levels: Units, Criteria, Sub criteria and sub, sub criteria. This is added to enable the tracking of qualifications.
  • Companies can be selected to restrict/enable access to events.
  • Curriculum developers can link events so enrolling on one events will automatically enroll/remove people from those related events.
  • Curriculum developers can now see all manager events in table form
  • Learning resources can be duplicated in the library.
  • Learning resources can be made private so only selected personnel can gain access to edit it.
  • One to one meetings are no longer saved in the learning library.
  • Timetables/schedules can now be viewed weekly/monthly/annual in addition to daily.


  • Add custom forms (aka ‘customised learning resource types’). These forms can be distributed to personnel and signed off ready for management approval.
  • Administrators can log into learner accounts directly from the admin interface.
  • Branding options can be set for each company within the system – this includes styles, logos etc.
  • Bulk editing of fields is possible from the manager interface (e.g. editing the departments and locations of a number of people at the same time.)
  • Button alt text on learner interface is now editable in configuration settings.
  • Can edit funding model templates in the ILR (applies to apprenticeships only).
  • Configuration options added (keys ‘allowLearnerChangeRefreshInterval’ and ‘allowManagerChangeRefreshInterval’) which allow these personnel to update the refresher period for training (rather than taking the global setting default settings.)
  • Default meeting emails now include Outlook and Google Calendar booking invites.
  • Discounts percentages visible to all learners for purchasable learning resources and events.
  • Duplication of reports now possible, makes creating new reports based on existing content much easier.
  • Filtering groups has been added to filter list to make the process of adding custom reports easier.
  • Importing error messages now detailed reasons for records that fail so data can be amended.
  • IP restrictions can be added to configuration settings to limit access to the system (configuration key: ipBlock).
  • Live logs of who is on the system are available via a custom widget which can be added to the data dashboard of the user.
  • New employer setting added which allows users to access learner’s schedules without getting manager notifications etc. Check the ‘Exclude from Schedules’ when editing role details to make this happen.
  • Reports can be filtered for Mandatory Mandatory Training (training in a mandatory category), Assigned Training (via a programme or directly assigned) and Enrolled Training (listed in the learning library available for enrollment).
  • Remove the tracking of time with configuration option isTrackLearningResourceTime.
  • Skill/Competency sets allow administrators to group skills together so that when they are all accomplished, a skill set is awarded (e.g. being awarded ‘Leadership’, ‘Presentation skills’ and ‘Time keeping’ skills leads to a ‘Management’ skill set.

Open eLMS Creator

  • Adaptable menu, easier to operate and designed for mobile use.
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons added to toolbar so quizzes can be created and scored inside the main body of the elearning.
  • New look and feel – cleaner navigation buttons.
  • Optimisations for iPad and Android users.
  • SCORM 2004 (3rd Edition) Export.
  • Surveys are now included within the available templates.
  • Text box can handle text which reads from right to left (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew).

Open eLMS Catalogue

  • 35 (various) courses in 5 languages
  • Care Act
  • Care Certificate
  • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Dignity at Work
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Human Rights
  • Introduction to Local Government
  • Life Transitions
  • Love Food Hate Waste
  • Managing Medicines
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Nutrition Awareness


The following list of features has been planned for release in Spring 2023. This work progresses the integration capabilities of the system, improves the usability of ‘out of the box’ functionality and adds further machine learning capabilities to the system …


  • AI implemented to yield enhanced learning recommendations
  • AI to implement reporting in new reporting engine
  • AI to implement image and learning creation in Open eLMS Creator
  • AI to implement default field population in Open eLMS Forms
  • Enhanced discussion boards
  • Integrate further options into Open eLMS Classroom
  • RSS feeds
  • Visually display Learning Pathways

User Groups

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