More about who we are

Open eLMS adopts a profit share model. All employees share in the success of the company. We foster a long term relationship with our staff with the average employee has been with the company for over 6 years.

We all share a commitment towards the continuous improvement of Open eLMS.

Emil Reisser-Weston MSc MEng

Managing Director

Emil founded Open eLMS in 2003 and has been the creative driving force behind the company.  Emil is a qualified ergonomist and has been working with human centred design, human behaviour modelling and artificial intelligence since the early 90s.

Emil is a holder of learning product awards from IOSH and Brandon Hall and is designer of the global top rated Learning Management System and eLearning authoring systems on Slashdot and Sourceforge.

Andrew Howie Director

Andrew Howie MSc


Andy was formerly a director of the training provider – Outsource. Andy has nearly 20 years experience in developing learning, development and apprenticeship programmes for some of the UK’s most prestigious organisations.

Andy has a Masters in Lifelong Learning from the Institute of Education.

Lasma Ulge Head of Design

Lasma Ulge

Head of Design

Head of Design, Lasma Ulge, is responsible of the unique look and feel of Open eLMS’s elearning.

Lasma has been with Open eLMS for over 13 years. Lasma is also accomplished photographer and artist.

Lauris Mikulans IT Director

Lauris Mikulans

IT Director

Lauris is responsible for the programme team and overall IT architecture used within the company.

Lauris has been working with the company for over 10 years and is valued for his extensive knowledge and honest appraisal of any situation.

Clive Barker Director eLearning WMB

Clive Barker

Finance Director

Clive is responsible for overall financial control and the accounting process.

Clive has been with Open eLMS for over 15 years. Prior to joining, Clive had 20 years experience at Intel.