The following is a list of frequently asked questions about the company and its product: Open eLMS.

FAQs Open eLMS

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Is there a single fixed cost for licences?


Open eLMS licences Open eLMS with a company-wide licence calculated on the numbers in the organisation at the start of the contract. This means that there is a flat annual fee for the use of all systems regardless of the number of people leaving/joining during the licence period. This means that neither party needs to monitor users etc. and makes the management of licences much easier than based on a per user model.

To make budgeting even easier, the SAAS model used for Open eLMS means that the annual subscription includes all hosting, support, maintenance, project management costs, etc.

This cost also include all standard implementation costs supplied to Enterprise clients including:

Importing HR Data from a provided template

Importing course data from a provided template

Setting up CRON tasks to automate these imports

Setting up SSO

The licence also includes the support services:

Access to account manager by phone/email during office hours 6 hours training (3 webinar sessions)

Support help desk


Weekly project management meetings (during implementation)

Weekly account management meetings for the first 3 months after implementation, extending to monthly thereafter

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What is the payment profile of invoices?


Implementation costs will be invoiced for and work will begin once contractual documentation is signed. the client will have 28 days for payment to be made.

Open eLMS payment will be made annually. The first payment will be due 28 days after the system goes live. Further invoices will be issued on an annual basis, 28 days prior to the next annual period commences.

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What is the process of invoicing?


Open eLMS invoices clients on an annual basis with 28 days standard payment terms. Invoices are issued once the End User Licence Agreement/EULA (or the client’s equivalent) is agreed by both parties.