The following is a list of frequently asked questions about the company and its product: Open eLMS.

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Can Open eLMS run concurrent systems which share data?


Should the historical data still be ‘live’ (i.e. running concurrent systems) then a non standard offering which be to create a CRON task to regularly import data as described earlier in this section. Other custom options involve using third party APIs, etc.

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What process are in place is manage data migration from a legacy system to Open eLMS?


Open eLMS has an interface for transferring training records from third party systems. This is usually carried out as a one off task carried out immediately prior to launch.

Open eLMS will build a sandbox environment which is used for testing during the deployment phase of the project. The sandbox environment is used to:

Test data migrations from existing systems

Set up CRON (server side) tasks for the importing/synchronisation of data

Create learning resources (elearning/microlearning)

Curate the learning library

And test the ‘going live’ procedure

When the system is ready to launch:

The database is cleared of user and test data

The old site is taken down

The migration process is ran so a fresh copy of HR data and imported learning is completed

A redirect is set up to the new Open eLMS system

This process is conducted outside office hours to ensure a minimum of down time. The process should take 15-30 minutes to complete. The costs of the Open eLMS service includes the importing of:

Live accounts

Archived accounts

Live courses

Archived courses

Data in CSV format