Create elearning in your Learning Management System (LMS)

Integrating Open eLMS Creator means that you no longer need to open separate software or upload SCORM zip files to servers. The system can be completely integrated.

API integration Open eLMS Creator

Open eLMS Creator has built in plugins to integrated into a number of Learning Management Systems. Contact us below to discuss how we can complete the integration into your LMS.

Advantages of Integration

Rather than opening up a separate (and to be honest – inferior) authoring software and then upload SCORM packages etc. to your Learning Management System, wouldn’t it be easier to use Open eLMS Creator directly inside your own LMS?

The advantages of integrating Open eLMS Creator means:

  • No more uploading SCORM packages
  • eLearning instantly available
  • Create elearning on any PC
  • Make advantage of the easiest to use and most sophisticated authoring system around!

This is easy to do using the Open eLMS Creator API, select to create elearning and the authoring package opens direct within your LMS. Close the authoring and the learning is then immediately available for your learners to use. Simple!

Example Integration

The following are example steps taken to integrate with Open eLMS Creator with a parent LMS using the system’s existing API:

  • Authentication header information is copied from the Open eLMS Installation and used to make API calls from the parent LMS (see Authentication API).
  • The parent LMS records the learning ID (used in Open eLMS Creator) of each compatible course, before editing, this is checked against a list of learning resources in Open eLMS (see List learning resources API).
  • The parent LMS then open Open eLMS Creator in a window (or iframe) to edit the course (see Open eLMS Creator: create or edit elearning).
  • The parent LMS should downloaded once a container to allow an up to date course to be ran in the third party LMS.

The Open eLMS Integration team will guide you through this process and help with any coding queries you may have – feel free to contact us and discuss how we can get Open eLMS Creator integrated into your LMS.