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Welcome to Open eLMS for Blue Light Services – the cutting-edge Learning Management System designed specifically for and created with Blue Light services in the UK and overseas. Our tailored solution is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of firemen, ambulance personnel, and other emergency responders. Whether you’re a frontline hero or a dedicated manager, Open eLMS equips you with the tools to excel in your mission.



Skill Monitoring and Training Linkage

Say goodbye to manual skill tracking. With Open eLMS, managers can effortlessly monitor personnel skills and link them directly to associated training. Skills get automatically refreshed upon completion of relevant training modules, ensuring your team is always prepared for action.

Skills Library

Skills are defined with demonstrable requirements, associated learning and set refresher periods. The skills library ensures that the system runs itself with the minimal amount of management intervention.

Flexible Skill Refreshing

Skills are structured into time blocks so that skills can be refreshed across an entire cohort at regular monthly intervals. 

Automated and Manual Skill Sign Off 

Skills can be signed off automatically when associated learning is completed or manually signed off on screen, reflecting the real-world skills management process.

Customized Training Modules

Access a wide array of training modules specifically tailored to the needs of Blue Light services. From emergency response protocols to specialized medical procedures, our comprehensive library has you covered.

Skills Management

Seamlessly manage skills with a colour coded interface that allows managers to see who is qualified and who is falling behind.  In an instant managers can see who is qualified for specialist tasks and where a skill deficit may exist.

Reporting and Audit Trail

A complete record of all tasks is maintained and up to date information is available on management dashboards.

Organisational Structure

Data is organised into Watches, Stations, Areas etc. in line with the structure of your organisation.


Open eLMS for Blue Light Services

Open eLMS for Blue Light Services includes Open eLMS functionality plus: Learning Submissions, Learning Pathways/Programmes, Skills Monitoring, Smart Classrooms, Event Management, Forms, Open eLMS AI (eLearning creation).

Cost starts at: £35/$45 per year per person – Contact us for a quote

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