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Open eLMS for Schools is an all-in-one learning solution that can store and manage the learning activity of every single pupil, throughout their learning journey. For learners, its as easy to use as Netflix, but underneath that interface is a powerful set of dashboards, customised for maximum usability for Teachers, Heads of Curriculum, Content Creators, Administrators, Quality Assurers and School Bursars.

Open eLMS for Schools empowers you with the ability to manage every aspect of learning.

How does it work?

Open eLMS is intuitive to use since it has been designed around the unique needs of each user group.


Library with other 250 elearning courses

The Pupil interface is where learners access elearning and any other resources directly, through an easy to use, Netflix inspired interface.

As pupils complete learning tasks, be that elearning, videos or web resources, the system will keep a record of their work throughout the pupils lifetime at the school. This, combined with the ability to upload and submit their own work in a multitude of formats allows them to build a tailor-made revision tool for when the exam periods arrive.


Teacher using the LMS for schools

The Teacher interface displays easy to read dashboards and reports, allowing easy monitoring of class progress and pinpointing areas for improvement at the earliest instance. Pupils are automatically reminded of overdue tasks via email or SMS.

The ability to upload their own classroom tuition, whether that be presentation material or a recording of the lesson itself (using our Web Conferencing plugins) creates ample opportunity for learning to be reused on demand.

Curriculum Developer

Curriculum Developer software for schools

The Curriculum Developer has the ability to organise resources from a central library into lessons and courses. This pooled content can be easily arranged in to a fixed order of completion, and can automatically become available to learners on a schedule of your choosing – and pupils will be notified once that occurs.

Curriculum Developers can also create new elearning using the embedded Open eLMS Creator authoring software.

The Administrator

The Learning Management System Administrator

The Administrator has visibility of the entire system, with the ability to modify permissions, set defaults and import users.

The LMS can also act as a central hub, receiving existing data from alternative systems such as Google Classroom and Moodle – so you do not have to start from scratch.

The Inspectors

Ofsted using the LMS for schools

OFSTED can use the system to easily review past learning and feedback, and the system can be used to monitor any improvements that are made based on their recommendations.

Furthermore, the ESFA can use the system to look at auditing and compliance documents, as well as reports.

The Bursar

Bursar using the LMS for Schools

The Bursar interface can review the costs associated with all learning programmes and track expenditure on a monthly basis. Any instances of expenditure going over budget can be identified quickly and remedied effectively.

Let’s see it in action

This support video demonstrates the learner experience. This help video is available from the help button in the system.

Book a demonstration with one of our advisers

The foundation of the Open eLMS system is the Learning Management System (LMS). Open eLMS LMS can be purchased separately or part of much wider learning implementation.

At Open eLMS we appreciate you would like to try before you buy and as such we have a support team ready to take you through the system and set up a demonstration for you. We can also give you a quote for your organisation immediately over the phone.