Open eLMS

Open eLMS for Universities


  • Netflix style interface for easy adoption by students
  • Quality Assurance for inspections
  • Curriculum development
  • Timetable management
  • Financial reporting 
  • Assignment management
  • eLearning creation in minutes using AI
  • Payments engine for selling courses and content externally


Features for Universities


As students complete learning tasks, be that eLearning, videos or web resources, the system will keep a record of their work throughout their degree. This, combined with the ability to upload and submit their own work in a multitude of formats allows them to build a tailor-made revision tool for when the exam periods arrive. Lecturers are scheduled in the system which the student can attend in person or from home.  Assignments can be submitted and pupils can collaborate with the many social learning tools in the system.


The Lecturer interface allows the monitoring of class progress and pinpointing areas for improvement at the earliest instance. Teachers can use the AI features to create eLearning materials on any topic and can add them to classes or issue them as homework which is marked by the system.

Curriculum Developer

The Curriculum Developer has the ability to organise resources from a central library into a curriculum for each year group. Curriculum Developers can also create new eLearning in minutes using Artificial Intelligence.


External inspectors can use the system to easily review past learning and feedback, and the system can also be used internally to monitor staff performance.


The Bursar interface can review the costs associated with all learning programmes and track expenditure on a monthly basis. Any instances of expenditure going over budget can be identified quickly and remedied effectively.

Organisational Structure

Data is organised into years, lecturers, subjects etc. in line with the structure of your University.

Pricing Plans

Open eLMS for Universities

Enterprise level of Open eLMS includes Open eLMS functionality plus: Learning Submissions, Learning Pathways/Programmes, Smart Classrooms, Event Management, Forms, Open eLMS AI (eLearning creation).

Cost starts at: £35/$45 per year per person – Contact us for a quote



Open eLMS AI allows for the creation of eLearning from a single line of text or a transcript for up to 20 courses per month of any length. Create eLearning for your school in minutes on any subject. 7-day free trial, no commitment. University wide licences available.

Cost: £39.99/$49.99 per month- Buy Now

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