AI: Is it the future of Edtech?

AI elearning designer

The media is abuzz with excitement about the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This raises an important question: is the hype justified? Will AI take away our jobs, or will it make our lives easier? How will it affect EdTech?

The hype around AI is justified! Anyone who has used AI-driven tools can attest to the incredible power of AI. AI is like having a hundred interns all working for you, doing tasks such as writing learning copy and creating production quality media, indeed AI is ideally suited to the creation of content such as voiceovers, images and video.  Open eLMS will soon release an update of its elearning authoring software which will combine all these features to produce elearning courses on any subject in seconds.

Open eLMS Creator AI generated elearning

If this sounds like there will be soon many redundancies as a result, I don’t think this is the case.  At Open eLMS we are using the extra capacity to add more icing on the cake (indeed we are hiring more staff to take advantages of the opportunities that AI brings.)  The additional time allows us to add microlearning and tailor the learning experience for each client’s needs.  AI can also be used to create elearning courses with higher production values than ever before.

AI will revolutionize the way we teach, learn, and access educational resources. AI-powered technologies can be used to create personalized learning experiences, provide targeted instructional support, and create adaptive learning pathways. Can you imagine a future where a student requests a curriculum on any given subject, and high-quality interactive media is produced tailored to each student’s need.  That future is here … within the next few months.  Watch out for it!