Open eLMS

Open eLMS Ease to Use

Ease of Use

  • Designed by an ergonomist for 20 years
  • Video on demand style learner interface
  • Management Interfaces use role-centred design

Ease of Use Features

Ergonomic Design

Open eLMS has been designed by an ergonomist from the first version of the system in 2003.  This is why the system has always looked different from others.  We have increasingly seen the rise of LMSs labelled as ‘LXPs’, adopting our design principles, putting the user at the centre of the design.

Video on Demand Style Interface

Learning pathways are automatically generated based on the learning requirements of the learner.

Role Centred Management Interfaces

The management interface is designed around each role.  The user simply reads the screen from left to right to complete their day to day tasks required to do their jobs.

Pricing Plans

Open eLMS

Open eLMS is the base Learning Management System featuring Electronic Learning (videos and eLearning), Learner and Management Interfaces, Reporting, Branding, Multi-Tenant Interface

Cost starts at: £10/$13 per year per person- Contact us for a quote


Open eLMS Enterprise

Enterprise level of Open eLMS includes Open eLMS functionality plus: Learning Submissions, Learning Pathways/Programmes, Smart Classrooms, Event Management, Forms, Open eLMS AI (eLearning creation).

Cost starts at: £35/$45 per year per person – Contact us for a quote

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