Open eLMS: SourceForge LMS Category Leader

Open eLMS Top Performer LMS Source Forge

Open eLMS has been recognised as the Learning Management System category leader, based on consistently high user reviews by this market leading user review site. Similar acclaim is also experienced from Capterra with a 4.7 out of 5 rating.

The reasons for Open eLMS positive reviews are many, but these fall into two main categories which underlie the LMS’s design credo: Comprehensiveness and Ease of Use.


The feature list of Open eLMS is too long for this mailing, but it is extremely rare when Open eLMS cannot meet all a client’s needs from day one. Features existent on Open eLMS which are rarely found in other LMS’s include:

  • eForms
  • Microlearning authoring
  • eLearning authoring
  • Smart classrooms
  • Included library
  • Integrations with multiple third party systems
  • AI learning pathways
  • Learner uploads mapping to programmes

Ease of Use

Open eLMS is ridiculously easy to use, generally minimal training is required for administrators and curriculum developers. Ease of use may seem counter intuitive for such a feature-rich system, however Open eLMS is only ever configured with features that you will need (80% of most functionality within most IT systems is never used.) Additional features can be added on at a later stage as needed.

Furthermore ergonomic designers ensure the design is centred around each management role, making the use of the system is a process of reading the screen from right to left and following prompts.

The learner experience is ‘Netflix-like’ – the user intuitively knows how to search for and browse learning. They can access training assigned to them, enrol on courses and even access blended learning events on line or in person in the classroom – with recordings of all lessons accessible after the event.

To find out more about Open eLMS visit the website else please contact to discuss your ideas further.