eLearning is produced in minutes using Open eLMS AI.

 eLearning features professional multimodal eLearning creation including scripting, quizzes, imagery, video presenters and voiceovers.  Seeing is believing!

Audits and surveys

Create audits and surveys directly within Open eLMS.
Find out how effective your learning is. Audit your work environment. Carry out a risk assessment. There are limitless possibilities with Open eLMS Creator’s audit creator.

Whiteboard and smart lessons and virtual learning
ESFA checks in the LMS


Apprenticeships are a mix between qualifications and programmes of learning.
Run your apprenticeship programmes on Open eLMS. Draw down money from the UK Government and compile ILR information

Bespoke Development

We are owner-authors of all Open eLMS products and services. We are not simply reskinning Moodle or Totara. We are totally flexible to your needs.
Want a new elearning course? A system customisation?
Ask us, we are there to help.

Bespoke elearning development consultation
Customisable learning resource

Customisable Learning Resources

Add any learning type of learning resource. We provide you with options in Open eLMS to make this happen.

eLearning Creation

Create all the elearning you need using the Open eLMS Creator system.
Open eLMS Creator has a drag and drop interface. It takes minutes to learn. It uses a vast media library of videos, animation, images, templates and courses which has taken 15 years to compile.
We think Open eLMS is the best elearning creation tool available. You can see examples in the 250 editable courses in Open eLMS Catalogue.

Open eLMS Creator elearning in Mobile device
Envato integration within Open eLMS Creator LMS

Envato Elements

Import images and video directly into your elearning using Envato Elements.
This is one of the largest media libraries in the world directly embedded into Open eLMS. You will need to pay them money though.


Go1 is the largest learning library in the world.
You can access it from within Open eLMS. Again you will need to pay them money for this.

Go1 LMS integration with the Open eLMS LMS
Uploading a word document into Open eLMS Creator elearning authoring design tool

Import Scripts

Write your script in Word/Google Docs. Import it into Open eLMS. eLearning is created automatically.
We think this is really cool.

Micro Learning

Microlearning from H5P consists of small games, interactive videos, surveys etc which you can embed into your learning.
Shake up your learning delivery with H5P.

H5P and Open eLMS
Latest news on LMSs

News Feeds

Anders Pink is a third party news service.
Get the latest curated news feeds on any topic directly to each learner. Again this is an extra service which you will need to pay for.

Open eLMS Catalogue

Open eLMS is supplied with 250 amazing elearning courses aimed mainly at business.
Edit any of our elearning using Open eLMS Creator. The courses are also CPD accredited.

Open eLMS LMS from eLearning WMB
Quiz creation/design in Open eLMS Creator LMS


Create your own quizzes with Open eLMS.
Choose from multiple choice, multiple select, fill in the blank, drag and drop questions.
You can also use TurnItIn for more detailed proctoring.

YouTube Playlists

We like to make things easy for you. Import playlists from YouTube and all the metadata is loaded in.

Open eLMS implements YouTube API


See more information on the latest release and production roadmap.